• How do you vet your coaches? 
    • We vet our coaches based on their experience working with or creating content and services for older women, as well as their approach and philosophy towards aging. We believe it’s important for our coaches to share or deeply empathize with the lived experiences of older women. 
  • Will there be more videos? 
    • We are hard at work creating more content for our viewers and subscribers, and we welcome our community’s input! If there’s something you’d like to see on our platform, please email hello@forourselves.co
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    • Log in to forourselves.com. Click on “My Plans” under “Profile” and click “Cancel.” You’ll need to select a reason (this helps us improve our offering to other folks) and then click “Cancel Subscription.” You should receive a confirmation about your cancellation. 
  • Can I watch videos on my TV? 
    • You can connect your laptop or other device via HDMI to your TV.  If you have Airplay (or Android equivalents), you may be able to cast videos from your tablet, laptop, or mobile device to your TV.
  • Is Ourselves affiliated with Nike? 
    • Ourselves is affiliated with Nike, Inc. 
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