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By Ourselves, published on 22 Oct 2020

Why we now jump around in front of our laptops..Or, what happened when the pandemic hit.

At the beginning of 2020 when Ourselves was just an idea, we were traveling around the country listening to women in midlife and beyond talk about movement and wellness. They told us that there really wasn’t a place to connect and learn from women “like them” about how to stay active and healthy. 


                        “I want to find something that I love to do, stay positive,

                                and take care of myself, inside and outside.”


We knew immediately that “our calling” was to offer tailored resources for older women to enjoy a healthy active life, which might include hiking, exercise, swimming, playing sports. The important element we heard was being active with a community of support both online and in-person. 


Fast forward to today and we are all dancing, exercising, and deep breathing in front of our laptops or tablets. Moving with other people is still a prime motivator, even if the other women are digital. 


We did a pandemic pivot and made Ourselves an all-digital platform and just launched it in beta with a variety of video and audio classes, a Facebook group, and this weekly newsletter. 


A “manifesto” for Ourselves might go something like this:

We’re building a community for diverse women to stay active and healthy together. 

And we mean mind, body, and soul healthy. 

It’s a space to be honest and safe about what matters to you.

It’s a place to build connections and get the inspiration and nudges you need.

It’s a place to find tools and guidance for “people like me.” 

We invite you to be curious, to discover, to have fun, to create your healthy path, wherever it leads, and make some friends along the way.


Our Coaches

We sought out and assembled a group of diverse coaches with unique talents and years of experience specifically working with older women from different cultures who bring a variety of fitness and movement goals. They understand our bodies and can offer adjustments for a variety of abilities and body types. Check out their video introductions to learn more about each of them. We will continue to add more coaches and video content in the coming weeks.


Our Topics to Explore

In the spirit of thinking holistically about movement and wellness, here are some of the topics that we will explore in the coming weeks:

  • Wellness in 2020: mind body and spirit - a holistic approach
  • Apparel and Equipment: what you need and what makes you feel good/inspired
  • What is “functional aging?”: some simple tests for your 50+ body
  • Taboo Topics for Older Women: menopause, incontinence, pelvic floor and more
  • Living to 100: envisioning a future that prioritizes taking care of ourselves and others
  • Movement and Mindfulness = Medicine: building them into your everyday routine 

Let’s Get Started!

We aspire to be the online destination for older women who are seeking wellness and movement inspiration and guidance. And in the future when it’s safe, in-person, too. 

Registration for Ourselves beta is free for the first 1000 members and includes access to our entire library of video and audio movement guides. 

If you are seeking a diverse community when it comes to movement and wellness tips and conversation, we have a curated FB group that you can join. It will be a great place to continue the conversation about the content in our weekly newsletter, let us know what topics are of interest, and give us feedback on how we are doing. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is a core element to Ourselves’ success. 

More to come and thanks for joining!

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