About Us

Built for women 50+

You inspired us.

We are an integenerational and interracial team of women who were frustrated by the fact that the health and wellness industry has ignored older women -- except when they bombard you with ads for pharmaceuticals, incontinence products, hair dyes, and retirement plans.

We had hundreds of conversations with lots of amazing 50+ women across the country - different generations, ethnicities, contexts - and they were all excited that someone finally asked them what they needed and wanted, and what was missing from what was out there today. They inspired us to build Ourselves.

We've created a place to help you get the inspiration, guidance, and nudges you need to stay active and healthy - mind, body and soul healthy for the long haul. A place to try something and see where it takes you and, of course, to have fun. Our hope is that with time, you'll build some strong relationships, too.

We know that the quality of our content and the relevant expertise of our practitioners and coaches is important to you so we have placed the bar high and count on you to help us keep it there with your feedback. This must be a safe place for us all.

Do it for ourselves!

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